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I’m back with another blog on how Vishing Campaign is carried out in a Red Teaming Engagement.

What is Vishing ?

  • Telephone phishing, also known as vishing, is similar to email phishing performed over a telephonic call to gain information from the target victim.
  • It involves the exploitation of a potential victim over the phone by Impersonating as another entity/person/company and eventually convince the person to share Sensitive Information.

Flow Chart of Vishing

Tools and Apps used for Vishing:

Caller ID Spoofing:

  • The Basic idea behind Caller ID spoofing is to change the information that is displayed on the caller ID display.
  • Most spoofing is done using a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service or IP phone that uses VoIP to transmit calls over the internet.

Useful Situations for Caller ID Spoofing:

These can be used in a vishing campaign to display that a call is coming from:

  1. A remote office
  2. Inside the office
  3. With partner organization
  4. From Co-worker
  5. A superior
  6. Delivery company

SIP & Virtual Number Providers

  • CallWithUs - Calls to your DID (phone number) will be redirected to your SIP phone, regular PSTN or cellular phone. You don’t need a VoIP client to have calls to your DID redirected to your PSTN or mobile phone number.

  • KeepCalling - It is a Virtual Number provider, allows the user to buy credit and make International phone calls to different countries.

Configuring SIP Account with Zoiper

  • After successful purchase of SIP Account, download Zoiper Android or IOS.

  • Navigate to Settings –> Accounts –> + –> Yes –> Manual Configuration –> SIP account.

  • Registration Status OK shows that the configuration is successful.

Demonstration of Vishing Scenario

Prevention for Vishing:

  • Remain Vigilant and Pay Attention during Phone calls.
  • Verify the identity of those who ask for your information in person or over the phone before you release any information.
  • Be Suspicious of Unrecognized Phone Numbers.

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Caller ID Spoofing
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Tutorial - How to Setup Asterisk Caller ID Spoofing (to troll scammers)
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This post is only for Educational Purposes.

NOTE- “Do not perform vishing on the target company that you do not have permission for.”

Thanks a lot for reading !!!.

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