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Hi Everyone

I’m back with a blog post, sharing my experience about subdomain enumeration using Subfinder with SecurityTrails Free/Paid API Keys.

I was doing recon using Subfinder with API Keys configured in it and observed the following stats.

subfinder -d -all -v -rl 1 -t 1 -o apple-subs.txt

  • I remember seeing more subdomain count for SecurityTrails in the Dashboard but it’s showing only less results.

  • Here in the below image, you can see contains around 39,904 subdomains.

  • Securitytrails (Free Version) API Configured with Subfinder. (Only 2000 results returned)

subfinder -d -s securitytrails -rl 1 -t 1 -v

  • It is also mentioned in the API documentation only 2000 results will be returned with Free API Key.

  • Securitytrails (Professional Paid Version) API Configured with Subfinder. (Only 10000 results returned)

subfinder -d -s securitytrails -rl 1 -t 1 -v

  • It is also mentioned in the API documentation only 10000 results will be returned with Professional/Business Plan API Key.

  • To get all subdomains, we need to use the Domain Search Endpoint with Scroll ID Enabled as shown in the above image.

  • After going through the documentation found this POST request, where it discloses the scroll_id, total_pages, record_count.

POST /v1/domains/list?include_ips=false&scroll=true HTTP/2
User-Agent: SonyEricssonW810i/R4EA Browser/NetFront/3.3 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 UP.Link/
Content-Length: 35
Accept: */*
Accept-Language: en
Connection: close
Content-Type: application/json
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br


  • scroll_id - Scroll ID is generated newly every time when the POST request is sent with requested domain or subdomain. (Not Constant & Has Time Limit)

  • total_pages - Per Page 100 hostnames are present by default. (ie: if the total page is 400 means 400*100 = 40000 will be present or lesser than that)

  • record_count - Shows what’s the exact total number of subdomains present.

  • Now we need to extract the scroll_id and re-use again in the next request to move to the next page.

User-Agent: curl/7.84.0
Content-Type: application/json

After figuring out the solution, initally wrote a Nuclei Template for Subdomain Enumeration 😎

First Request:

  • @once - the 1st request will be sent once during in the template execution, which means that it will extract the scroll_id and re-use in the second request again and again without generating a new scroll_id.

Second Request:

  • scroll_id - Extracted Scroll ID from the first request will be re-use in the second request.

  • ?nuclei= - This is just a dummy parameter to bypass, move to the next page and view the results.

  • number - We need to create a file name called numbers.txt to supply in the template (page number is referred here, suppose if the total_pages is 400 the numbers.txt file should contains numbering from 1 to 400 line by line).


  • “scroll_id”: “([0-9a-z]+)” - Regex to extract scroll_id

  • .[“records”] | .[] | .[“hostname”] - JSON regex to display hostnames in CLI.

  • to: “subdomains.txt” - Saves the output in subdomains.txt file.

nuclei -t securitytrails-subdomain.yaml -var api_key=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE -var -vv -rl 1

Now we are able to get all the subdomains from SecurityTrails, the above results matchs with the Dashboard Results as well 😄 !

  • Later i raised a Issue in Subfinder Repository to Support Pagination in SecurityTrails Paid API Keys.

  • I went ahead and tested out the PR using the following command.

go install -v

subfinder -d -s securitytrails -rl 1 -t 1 -v -max-time 20

  • And it Worked and matched with the Dashboard results as shown below.

Subfinder Stats of All Sources (Used SecurityTrails Paid API)


  • If the subdomains are more than 30k while enumerating with SecurityTrails Paid Version of API key, users need to supply -max-time to increase the time limit of enumeration, since the minutes to wait for enumeration results (default 10).
  • Only the Paid Version of SecurityTrails returns the Scroll ID.
  • Subfinder Supports both Free & Paid version, Free means 2000 results limited / Paid means full results (depends on API quota left in the account).

Thanks to ᴠɪɴᴏᴛʜ ᴋᴜᴍᴀʀ, for sharing the trick to supply dummy parameter with value in second request in the Nuclei Template and move to next page with numbers 😃

Shoutout to Dogan Can Bakir, for fixing the Pagination issue SecurityTrails API on Subfinder and enhancing further to support both Free/Paid Version along with rate limit 💯


Thanks a lot for reading !!!.

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